Lumixa is a patented gel applied to the skin. The LED light is then placed over the area, which transforms the gel into Fluorescent Light Energy. This simultaneously rejuvenates the skin with the entire light spectrum- from blue to green, yellow and deep down to red and near infrared.

Skin Normaliser

Lumixa Skin Normaliser is a cosmetic treatment aimed at promoting healthy looking skin, by providing a revitalised and energised appearance. Skin Normaliser contains a patented fluorophore with a specific energy profile and is effective in reducing symptoms such as inflammatory cell damage and ageing. The fluorophore effectively regulates skin reactivity and stress, combating inflammation to generate a revitalised and energised effect.

Collagen Booster

Lumixa Collagen Booster is a cosmetic treatment aimed at stimulating cellular healing and enhancing collagen production. Collagen Booster gel contains a patented fluorophore with a specific energy profile that is activated by the LED light, producing Fluorescent Light Energy. This stimulates the skin’s own repairing properties to heal at the cellular level and assist with intrinsic ageing including fine lines, open pores, and loss of density. Collagen Booster promotes collagen production to improve skin density and provide a plumping effect.


Perfect for: Face, neck, chest


Who is the treatment for?

Lumixa is ideal for any skin type.

There are two Lumixa treatment options:

Skin Normaliser – Is ideal for individuals looking to prevent and combat redness, inflammation, and signs of ageing. Provides a revitalizing effect.

Collagen Booster – Is an anti-ageing treatment ideal for helping to improve fine lines, wrinkles, open pores skin density and texture.

Lumixa treatments can also be combined with other more invasive treatments to help calm inflammation.

How does it feel?

Warm and relaxing. There is no pain associated with a Lumixa treatment, so it is ideal for those more sensitive to pain and more intense treatments. Goggles are placed over the individual’s eyes as the LED light can be quite bright.

Is there downtime?

There is no downtime from a Lumixa treatment. Immediately afterwards you can expect to see a slight ‘bronzing’ of the skin. In some individuals, a temporary darkening of freckles and pigmentation can be seen. This subsides on its own quickly after the treatment.

When will I see a result?

You can expect an immediate ‘glowing’ or ‘bronzing’ of the skin from Lumixa. All Lumixa treatments should be performed as a course of five treatments, one treatment per week. Some individuals may need more treatments, depending on their concerns and health of the skin. Maintenance treatments are recommended for ongoing benefits to the skin.

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