TruSculpt is a clinically proven, body contouring & fat reducing treatment, without any downtime.

Featuring a clinically proven average of 24% fat reduction.

– Tailored for you
– Fast, as little as 15 minutes
– No surgery or needles
– No downtime
– Comfortable + safe
– Clinically proven average of 24% fat reduction


Love handles
Upper back / Bra line
Inner thighs & outer thighs
Double chin


Am I a candidate for truSculpt?

truSculpt is a sequence of customised treatments designed to meet individual needs most can benefit from. During your consultation, your provider will discuss with you if you are a candidate based on goals, health and medical history.

How does it feel?

truSculpt treatments are typically described as warm but tolerable. Similar to a hot stone massage.

Is there downtime?

truSculpt treatments are non-invasive, require no recovery time, and allow you to immediately return to normal activities after treatment. After a truSculpt treatment, the area may be warm and flushed for one hour.

When will I see a result?

Patients may see results after one truSculpt treatment session. Individually, best results are seen after 12 weeks after one treatment of truSculpt. To achieve your personal goals, additional treatments may be required.

Be guided by our expert hands and years of experience working alongside renown plastic surgeons in the cosmetic industry.

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