Bio-remodelling injections are the latest and greatest in rejuvenating skin treatments. They are are a revolutionary new treatment for facial and neck skin rejuvenation and work by delivering a very high concentration of hyaluronic acid, boosting hydration to the skin with prolonged stimulating activity to the dermal cells. Bio-remodelling to the epidermis acts directly on skin laxity, by boosting hydration to the skin, as well as assisting in remodelling the ageing and sagging tissues.

Not to be confused with dermal fillers, collagen-prompting biostimulators or skin boosters, this injectable treatment is a hyaluronic-based product that is injected at various points of the face or neck to improve the skin’s condition and appearance from beneath its surface. It does not ‘fill’ the tissue, rather it causes remodelling of the skin by having a direct effect on collagen and elastin production, fat cells and other biological processes in the skin.

Once injected under the skin it spreads like honey to hydrate, rejuvenate and replenish the skin, improving texture, tone and radiance. Bioremodeller can be thought of like a skincare serum that works from the inside out.


Ideal for face, neck, chest and hands.


Who is the treatment for?

Anyone looking to improve the overall quality of their skin, wanting hydrated and rejuvenated skin and to help prevent ageing changes to the skin.

Bio-Remodelling injections will assist the younger generation (20-30s) who would benefit from hydration to the skin and those wanting preventative ageing treatments. 40-60 age groups as a corrective treatment to assist with skin ageing changes, such as fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and crepey skin.

How does it feel?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different when it comes to injections. We aim to make your treatment as comfortable as possible. We use numbing agents and distraction techniques to assist in minimizing discomfort.

Is there downtime?

Bio-remodeller is injected in small boluses under the skin. It is normal to be able to see and feel these little lumps for a few hours to 1-2 days after treatment.

Swelling and bruising are a common side effect of injectable treatments. Depending on the area treated swelling can last approximately 1-4 days, bruising can last a few days to a couple of weeks.

We recommend reducing alcohol intake, caffeine, and some supplements such as fish oils 2 weeks prior to treatment to help reduce bruising. If medically safe to do so, and after discussion with your treating nurse and doctor, reduction or ceasing some medications two weeks prior to treatment, such as anti-inflammatories or blood thinners can also help reduce bruising.

When will I see a result?

Recommendations for treatment include an initial treatment which is then repeated 4 weeks later. For more severe ageing changes, a 3rd treatment may be recommended. Maintenance treatments are then recommended at 6-12 month intervals.

Many individuals will notice an improvement in their skin, including an increase in hydration within one week after their treatment. The true results begin at the 6-8 weeks mark once the skin starts producing collagen and elastin. The results of bio-remodeller will be much more subtle than those of dermal filler. Most individuals will notice their skin feels better, in terms of feeling firmer, more hydrated and plumper after the first 2 treatments. The improvement in tone and texture will continue over time and improve further with regular maintenance treatments.

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