More and more men are seeking cosmetic enhancements and anti-ageing treatments with anti-wrinkle injections becoming increasingly popular. However, Apple cheeks and pouty lips, or completely smooth skin are not suited to male facial rejuvenation. A male face needs expression lines and to retain the strong bone structure that differentiates men from women.

When injecting men, it’s crucial we enhance strong features like a projected chin and a strong jawline as these are classic masculine features. Anti-wrinkle injections are used to smooth out lines to provide a fresh, smoother appearance. It’s important that we don’t smooth out all lines as this can often result in a feminine appearance.

Men naturally have heavier brows, more prominent noses, stronger jaws and more defined chins. Ageing brings a reduction of skin tonicity, resulting in facial sagging. The bones themselves can be subject to shrinkage, exacerbating the problem. Dermal fillers are often used to replace lost volume due to ageing. We can also enhance facial features such as the lips to create more harmony, without results appearing overly feminine.


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